Healthy eyes 2020 vision

Healthy eyes 2020 vision

Healthy eyes 2020 vision is the eye industry standard measuring the acuteness of the eye vision in accommodating a sharp visual image of the alphabet text on a distant eye chart.  2020 vision is possible with a natural healthy eye vision, without the use of corrective lenses.

Healthy eye vision is often taken for granted until changes in the eye vision strength become noticeable.  it may be first noticed while reading small print on the pages of a book or a document.  maybe even first noticed when attempting to read the time and date on a mobile phone.  Sometimes for some, the first signs of weakening vision is during low light reading, low light with small print can sap out the power of the eye vision while reading.

Eye vision strengthening exercises.

it is possible to reverse a weakening eye vision by doing regular exercises, a specific set of exercises from a eye vision program.  Eye strengthening exercises  do assist the eye vision in a natural way, without the use of corrective lenses.   By understanding what the eye vision system is and how it works, the bold claims to the benefits of regular eye exercises do not sound so far fetched as many people would presume. The problem for many people is that they have taken eye vision for granted, for many decades, and once they are confronted with a deteriorating eye vision.  They then are completely lost to the concept of rebuilding eye vision,  because up until then, they have not been confronted with that possibility before. And therefore they have no plan B for a concept that they have not even considered before.

Healthy eyes 2020 vision
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A Good healthy life style  should be a priority.

A good healthy life style should be a priority, not an after though in case all else/other life supporting systems fail.  Well balanced food intake and nutrition, fresh clean water, fresh clean air and oxygen, quality sleep and rest, safe work environment, free of toxins,  reasonable work hours per day and week, near-point stress reduced at regular break intervals.

20/20/20 Rule.

Common sense guide is a 20/20/20 guide, every 20 minutes work at a near-point stress, should have a short break of 20 seconds, where the focus of the eyes is moved to another focus point some 20 feet away. This technique stops the eye muscles from getting fixed in one position, and therefore becoming rigid and stiff.  This same rule can be used for other time set, using a timer on a computer for example. 10/10/10, or 15/15/15. Translated; every ten minutes give the eyes a short 10 second break, by focusing away at further distance away form the computer screen.

Relaxation exercises.

There are two generally speaking types of exercises:

  1. Eye vision strengthening exercises.
  2. Eye relaxation exercises.

Relaxation exercises are equally important when under near-point stress, or when doing an eye exercising program.

Healthy eyes 2020 vision has information and resources available for the purpose of strengthening eye vision naturally.

Here is a link to a natural eye vision program called rebuild Your Vision program.  Watch this YouTube video of the un-boxing of the Rebuild Your Vision program kit, to see what the kit contains.  I have been using the eye exercise program and i am confident that the exercises are of benefit, strengthening the eye vision naturally.

For more details visit Online Eyesight Test.




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